Our Bigger Than My Block Photo Contest was amazing! We received over 25 submission and thanks to all of your votes WE'VE GOT A WINNER. Check out the profile of our winner and runners ups. BTMB Ambassdor Jasmine Serae got the scoop on what inspired their photos. Check it out below!


"The Greenway"

a. Hilda O is a seventeen year old highschool senior. She attends Prospect Hill Academy Charter School and beginning her college application process. You go Hilda! Some of the schools on her radar are Mount Holyoke College and Northeastern University for education in STEM field (biology or neurology). She loves Science and is highly interested in how the Human Nervous System works.

Jasmine: What inspired you to take the photo? 

Hilda: I got off work early and decided to explore. I thought the landscape was cool and showed the nature side of Boston while the background showed the city sky line. I though the photo was a really good way to show off the historical city.

JS: What were you trying to say with the photo?

HO: That there are two sides to Boston; nature and the city.

JS: What is your favorite thing about your block?

HO: I like that it’s really photogenic and even if the background is the same the people are always so different. I really like that there are diverse groups of people around Boston.

JS: What makes you Big, Brave and Bold?

I am perceptive and care about showing the unexpected. I care about my community and I volunteer at Planned Parenthood and Science for Girls.

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Nineteen-year old Eryk Pierre hails from Roxbury. He is a graduate of Tech Boston Academy and currently attends Bunker Hill Community College as a first year student. As a psychology major (and possibly philosophy), he feels these two majors provide the best way to learn about yourself and others.

JS: What inspired you to take this picture?

EP: I was playing basketball that day and on my way home I stopped at this lake and thought it looked nice. I took the photo because it is similar to a lot of other photos I take

JS: What were you trying to say with the photo?

EP: I was trying to showcase the Zakim Bridge the landscape and the lighting.

What is your favorite thing about your block?

EP: It attracts a lot of people. There is a basketball court up the street and there are always games and good on the weekend. There’s also a school so there is always something to do especially if you like being outside

JS: What makes you Big, Brave and Bold?

EP: I was really shy in high school and I overcame that fear. I started speaking to people more, and expressing myself instead of hiding.

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