BPS Launches a NEW (more accurate) World Map

BPS is setting the precedent as they believe they are the first Public School System in the United States to switch the old Mercator projection of the world to the the new Peters projection of the world. As we think about challenging norms and belief, this is a great step for BPS to challenge what is fact and what we are still learning as a city, nation, and society!I As the article states, "in an age of “fake news” and “alternative facts”, city authorities are confident their new map offers something closer to the geographical truth than that of traditional school maps, and hope it can serve an example to schools across the nation and even the world." We are encourged to see our school district embody the Bigger Than My Block spirit and be BRAVE enough to introduce students to something new!


Pay Young Black Folks To Do The Work They Want To Do

"Now more than ever, we need young black organizers all over the country to lead us forward – young black organizers who will advance progressive messaging, innovate political strategy, refresh electoral organizing and call in issue campaigns that uphold core priorities for our liberation. There are over 500 nonprofit progressive organizations in DC alone. Every single one of them should have job positions for young black people to do work that they want to do for their communities and for the world."

BTMB on Farenheight TV!

ºF-TV  had the wonderful opportunity to sit and talk with an amazing Boston leader, Adebukola Ajao about the incredible work and history of Bigger Than My Block.

Bigger Than My Block is part of the Lewis Family Foundation’s (LFF) work in Boston and is a website dedicated to helping youth succeed in college and beyond by providing them with stories of success, reviews of colleges by and from young people from Boston and resources that can continue to help them blossom into confident leaders.
Tune in to learn more about their incredible impact in the Boston community, their future goals and their advice to being BIGGER and BOLDER in 2017!

Where Trump support and Obamacare use soar together

"Life in Grant County, population 641, could not be more different than the gilded Big Apple existence long enjoyed by President Donald Trump. Still, it ranked among the top counties in the country supporting him in November; he got more than 93% of the votes here. And yet Grant holds another distinction: It's the county with the highest percentage of Obamacare enrollees in the nation."

5 Reasons You Should Go to College!

In today's world, a college education is very valuable. Bigger Than My Block team compiles 5 reasons why!

Huffpost Teen

Read articles on the Huffington Post written by our very own Youth Advisory Council member, Adebukola Ajao!

Diverse Campuses?

Numbers of international students rises while number of black students remains small.

Stop Negative Self-Talk

Here's 6 ways to prevent self-hate and boost self-confidence. Negative self-talk should never be an option.

Rejecting a Rejection Letter

This teen got a rejection letter from Duke University but would not take no for an answer.

Social Justice Institute

Volunteer and learn about social justice issues while serving to the poor and homeless women at Rosie’s Place.

Texting VS. Calling

Do you prefer calling or texting more? Technology and communication go hand in hand.

Fenway Advances to Championship

The Fenway Lady Panthers beat Cathedral 58-38 and now advance to the Division 4 title game.

Superintendent Search for Change Agent

Boston needs an innovative leader that can bring change to the public school system.

We Are The Ones with Tayla Andre

Some members of the BTMB family talk about what they're bringing to the community!

BLS Freshman Wins Fair

Read more about how this BLS freshman won the Global Intel Science Fair with his cancer-risk software.